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SnTT: Busytime, Mail-in Database Calendars and Upgrading from ND6.x

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

If your organisation is planning an upgrade from ND6.x and uses Mail-in Databases (based on the standard mail file template) for room or resource calendars etc., then beware that in ND7 and later, Busytime has undergone a very subtle but important change . . .

Now, instead of processing both Mail files and Mail-in Databases, in ND7 and later, Busytime will only processes the former. This means that following any upgrade, Busytime information will no longer be collected and displayed for Mail-In Databases.

To prevent this potential issue from occuring, simply create a new Person Document using the the same name, file path etc., as per the original Mail-in Database Document, and then delete the now superfluous Mail-in Database Document.