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Hello and a very warm welcome to my occasional blog on Lotus Notes/Domino stuff, such as practical hints and tips on administration, infrastructure and development techniques, which I have learnt, discovered, or ‘borrowed’, during my time spent working with these technologies.

My name is Paul Harrison, and I first became aware of, and interested in, the highly active Notes/Domino blogging community as a direct result of attending LotusSphere 2006. Short of sessions to attend on a hung-over Thursday morning (after the Party the night before!), I decided to checkout the session intriguingly titled, “OpenNTF: Learn How OpenNTF Open Source Solutions Can Save You Time, Money and Your Hair”, presented by Bruce Elgort. The session turned out to be as informative as it was eye opening, and ultimately raised more questions than it could ever hope to answer in 60 or so minutes.

As a result, in the quiet period that is post-Lotusphere, I set about inwardly digesting all of the material that I’d collected over that intensive week and began to explore OpenNTF, following the various links to it’s contributors personal blogs and listening to back-issues of the Taking Notes Podcast during commutes. Eventually I found myself subscribed to a large number of blogs, written by informative and enlightened individuals, all of whom were united in their common appreciation of Notes/Domino.

Which I guess leads me here, to my own take on the subject . . . through which I hope, that I can contribute to this community in my own small way, and to perhaps go someway towards repaying it for all of the indirect assistance and shared knowledge that it has provided me over the past couple of years.

Thank you and Enjoy!

4 Responses to “@Prompt([Ok];”domiknow.co.uk”;”Hello World!”)”

  1. Bruce Elgort says:


    Welcome to the Lotus Blogging Community and also thank you for attending my LS 06 session. I will be adding your blog to my RSS feed. Also thank you for the link to the Taking Notes Podcast.

    Warm regards,


  2. Paul Harrison says:


    Thanks for your inaugural comment. It was good meeting you this year at
    LotusSphere and also chatting with you briefly at ILUG07. Please keep up the great work with the Taking Notes Podcast and good luck with your new ideajam venture. Don’t forget to stop by soon, to checkout my first Show & Tell Thursday . . .

  3. Bruce Elgort says:

    I will be back to read it. Can’t wait 🙂

  4. yes welcome! looking forward to read your SnTT’S !!